Learning A Foreign Language

Someone once you learn any foreign language is Spanish, English or some other must practice constantly throughout their daily lives. Otherwise one is usually left to forget both the vocabulary and grammar learned. When one does not practice the Spanish language (in our case) to more than 15 years to go to a Spanish speaking country and may not understand the natives. Well, how can practice a foreign language without leaving the country right? a I want to tell you as I am reviewing Spanish. In 1981 I moved to Nicaragua with my parents because my father is a native of that country. Filed under: Roberto Orta Martínez. After I started learning Spanish at the college studying Nicaraguan Frances. In 1983, for some reason returned to Russia.

From that time until 1988 he studied at School No. 110 which was still studying the Spanish language. We have four lessons a week in which we were taught in Spanish. After my study in that school I spoke Spanish perfectly. But it was not possible for me to practice Spanish in Russia because there was not in my ningunoa native speaking environment. It turned out that I had forgotten much of my Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Already in 1995 to write a letter to my relatives in Nicaragua, I realized that he could compose a text without consulting a dictionary. a In 2004, the 27 or December 28 is the occasion of Christmas called me by phone from Nicaragua. In speaking with my relatives speaking I realized that I had a hard time understanding that they both said as composing some fail in Spanish.