First make sure it is not far-fetched idea for your girlfriend. To do that, just some specific questions on the previous days, of course without arousing suspicion. You can also support you in your closest friends to gauge their reaction. Sets the date, time and place where he'll surprise. We recommend that on any given day is not to raise suspicions and preferably at night. Remember that the element of surprise will be on your side. Carefully choose the type of music you'll use to serenade. The usual types for these occasions are native music (Peru), mariachi (Mexico), something for Spanish flamenco, a tuna, violins, etc.

This part is very important because the melody chosen will be part of the indelible memory of this moment. Coordinate with family members or close friends of your girlfriend for you to facilitate the task of concealing the surprise. You can choose to take the serenade to his house, in which case it would be great that has a balcony, or otherwise ask for a walk and take the place chosen for the surprise. You do not need to know to sing, the musicians you choose will have a singer who will ease this task. Although of course, if you dare to sing and to tune the effect will be even better. If you choose to bring home serenade you must ask the musicians begin to play, that draw the attention of your girlfriend, and as you've coordinated with people living with it will come soon to the window. Once you do, you see, kneel down, put the engagement ring in your hand and ask to be your wife. If your choice is in another place, coordinated with the musicians to suddenly appear behind you, in the middle of the melodies and confusion, do the same as above. This idea may sound a little crazy, but to choose it, I guarantee you the reaction of your girlfriend pay more than any sacrifice. Go ahead and return to the classics, remember that romance never go out of fashion to M