Amanda – German Spanish Pop Hits Duo

Amanda offers touching stage shows and vocal brilliance let touch your hearts and souls. Experience a fireworks of emotions and completely redefine the term «Mood»! This is world music with South Seas flair! Because just as the current song «we like to live – eviva la vida» of the german Spanish pop hits describe duos «Shelley». Shelley was in the band bus on the road and between the concert dates, happy about the experienced success, this song is created. It’s mainly about the pure lust for life! With the song the two Nicefields would like to «We live like – eviva la vida» their emotions and thoughts to share with all people. References: Awarded the «Media Prize 2010» in the Division of vocal Duo and the «German show Award trophy 2010» in the category entertainment your philosophy: music reflects their sensations. You plant good positive feelings in the hearts of her listeners and viewers with music. Standard repertoire are foreign to them, much more Shelley uses her gift for everyone Event in every situation, sensitive to meet the right title and tone. While they constantly improve and assure the quality of each event! SHELLEY music & entertainment with a heart always conjures up Amanda Joy on the faces of their guests, fans, friends and clients! Source: Susanna Schonfeld / Amanda more info: