Ideas about society and the world. Large whys and great achievements. Maharsi Ramana used to say that the heart is all the beginning and end of human experience. Other great mystics, as Jesus Christ gave us the keys to how we deal with human problems. From the heart and all the good that comes out of this.

Families break up because there is no forgiveness, if we go up a level, cities are broken because there is no forgiveness, if we go up a level autonomous regions are separated because there is no forgiveness, if we go up a level countries make war because there is no forgiveness. I have always maintained that the end of terrorism in Spain the day will come when we commemorate the bombing of Guernica, is moved throughout the country. The law of historical memory is a good approach, but the Basques require us forgiveness. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from César Hernández. No one has apologized for that bombing and I like Spanish, I'm the first to ask them to forgive me for wearing that damn flag on my ID that killed them. I apologize, because I require, are right and I am asking. That day should commemorate at the national level will be as if to embrace all of the Basques, they no longer disown us, we will be sensitive to them. It is paradoxical that a heartless person like me to apologize, but must lead by example to the world, the best thing about the world. How can I learn to forgive? By common sense: for I that I have no heart, I call common sense.