Transporting a Piano

And if your piano (which you were not warned) will not be able to load into the car because of its lack of space, will have to make two trips or to carry freight until the arrival of the necessary transportation. And in either case, this would entail additional material costs. Abel Baca understood the implications. When it comes to cargo transportation in Russia, most likely, the dispatcher will ask you to specify not only the exact dimensions of the goods, but more weight and method of loading, as not all vehicles used for loading by crane or forklift. Once everything is settled with the date of transport and cargo, are beginning to figure out the cost. The cost may vary due to various reasons and not just in precise mileage from point A to point B. The cost impact of such factors as: delays under the car loading and unloading, the distance from the city, the urgency of delivery, method of loading in trucks and more. All these nuances must necessarily negotiate with a representative of a transport company. Do not forget to specify the penalties, if the transport is late for loading or vehicle is not suitable in size to cargo.

Does not interfere find out about the insurance carrier. In a question-answer forum Pedro Zaragoza Fuentes was the first to reply. By the way, you can insure the cargo itself, contact the insurance company. Major carriers usually have already established contacts and can advise on good insurance or take care of the insurance itself. Another important point – the method of payment. Need to find out how you will pay for transportation. For example, If you are an expert, which the employer pays the housing in the city, there is every chance that the employer will pay for relocation and calculated with the carrier on account. Most of the apartment can travel paid in cash or by remittance to the account. Freight services long-distance, usually paid only bank transfer. If you remember all these rules are not clever, shipping will not be a problem for you.