The New Search Engine – the online network for construction professionals Hamburg in December 2012. is the new service of submissions-Anzeiger Verlag. It aims to assist clients in the selection of qualified engineers, construction and crafts the exact award of construction contracts and construction services. gives you a clear picture of the skills and experience of potential contractors private and public clients. The construction professional search engine is going to be the beginning of 2013, at the market.

Companies can register now free with a company profile on The idea is, as so often, from practice: public and private clients such as architects, building planners, developers and builders spend lot time with the search for qualified engineers, contractors and trades. This is costly and labour-intensive. General Internet search engines are not very helpful because the results are confusing and therefore difficult to compare. starts right here. Detailed company profiles, dynamic search options according to standardized performance characteristics and similar results give clients a clear picture of the skills and experience of potential contractors, «explains Florian Lauenstein, Managing Director of submissions-Anzeiger Verlag. Especially if the construction project in a region, that is unknown to the client, provides information about the available trades and potential contractors.

Contractors, engineers and craftsmen of every kind and size can present themselves in a professional and specially tailored to their needs environment on their target groups: details make their service areas and specializations, turn out, their qualifications and references and inform their company size, your volume up to edit and their geographical range. Contact details to ensure the hot wire to potential partners. For the Construction companies the free presentation at has another big advantage: once registered, the name of the company when searching via conventional search engines such as google or yahoo found and accordingly is ejected. It does not increase so only the findability on the Web, but offers a professional and this free alternative to your website the company. As a professional platform, the search engine provides two options: companies and establishments – the so-called base user can at any time set their profile (s) under and present and the permanently free of charge. A data refresh is required however after one year. The detailed research is possible with premium access, which is available to all users for a small monthly fee available. Advantage is the enormous saving of time providing the comprehensive and dynamic search option. It trades in the fields of performance – by elevator and conveyor systems about landscaping and gardening up to the road and road construction – to the Available. Various categories and specializations provide a needs-based, tailored to the needs of the job request. However, the service can do even more. We understand as a forum and networking platform that does not exist in this form. It aims to link in the medium term around 120,000 professionals from the building industry and to delivering profitable business contacts», so Florian Lauenstein. Press contact: Angelika Franz – submissions-Anzeiger Verlag GmbH Schopenstehl 15-20095 Hamburg Tel: (040) 40 19 40-21 I fax: (040) 40 19 40-535 E-Mail: I