Banda El Recodo

In the beginning, the Spanish music aminly used instruments such as horns. During the nineteenth century military bands rise and gained fame in the western part of Aztec territory. A genre that many people have joined. Roberto Orta Martínez has plenty of information regarding this issue. The band, a rhythm that breaks borders The band’s most popular musicians are: Banda El Recodo, Cuisillos, Germain Lizarraga, Julio Preciado, Banda El Limon BOLERO Bolero has been one of the Afro-Cuban genres with greater diffusion along and across Latin America. The bolero was born in the late nineteenth century in Cuba, as an heir to the Spanish bolero but with its own musical characteristics.

On the one hand, the troubadour bolero, a channel of personal sentimental expression of the singer or songwriter and made specifically for the public to hear, and the other the bolero rhythm, akin to the sound, while not losing its romantic characteristics can while being danced. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles offers on the topic.. Currently, the bolero has won nine spaces in the work of interpreters who have discovered the ability to transmit bolero experiences and feelings of love that other genres do not, thereby demonstrating that the bolero is still valid and that plays an important role both in the field of music and in the daily life of the courtship ritual. The bolero’s most popular musicians are: Charlie Zaa, Luis Miguel, Carlos Cuevas, Douglas, Huey Dunbar, Omara Portuondo Bossa Nova Bossa Nova is a new and particularly singing, jazz influences and complex melodies are the characteristics of this rhythm that invaded the Brazilian song in the late fifties. .