Cleantech: Prospects To Have Washed

Trendinvest provides new investment products in the field of water technology and Cleantech before water is considered to be one of the most precious resources and demand around the world more and more. Raw material resources are partly plummeting while greatly increasing environmental and climate problems and their impact. This has consequence that the entire clean increasingly are gaining technologies. Already great potentials are spoken to them and the Cleantech market is considered to be one of the biggest growth markets of the future. In addition to the lucrative market opportunities, the cleantech sector developed relatively independently of macroeconomic fluctuations. \»As economically attractive and environmentally useful investments Trendinvest Consulting GmbH in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg offers two new products: the TIV Trendinvest Environment Fund water 3\»and the TIV Cleantech finance indulgence privileges\». The closed-end funds TIV Trendinvest Environment Fund 3 water \»financed sustainable projects in the field of water management.

It is, for example, sea water desalination and Drinking water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water supply for the industry. The issue volume is EUR 10 million; It can be increased to 15 million euro. The projected payoffs at 15% per annum. The TIV Cleantech finance enjoy rights are focused on the so-called Cleantech market, so to clean environmental technologies. In particular, it will go to investments in the areas of water, energy and recycling.

The issue volume is EUR 30 million. Investors can choose between four types of attachments, the dividends are between 6% and 15%, the time interval between three and ten years. Trendinvest focuses on sustainable financial products in the sectors of water and environment technology for five years. Clean technologies are of great importance given the global environment and climate issues. We offer financing solutions, relieve the communities and businesses and safe yields ensure private investors\», says Dr. Christian Gobel, Managing Director of Trendinvest Beratungs GmbH.