Create Your Own Site For Free

And so – you need to make a website, but you do not have the skills and think that it is difficult? Make a website is easy – well at least a simple site where you want your photos, price, or just a site-user. Well Well, let's set up a free site! To start with you need us vybrot hosting – is a place where your site will be located on the Internet, free hosting there is great variety, there are complex and have simple – For beginners like us. In order to relieve you of painful searching, we just recommend hosting from Hosted for free site to do it myself. Now we must go to the site to register for link, there fill the field 'name' 'name' and 'login', the correct information is optional – it's just a formality, but the 'login' to be beautiful and memorable as this is the future name of our site. The name of the site after Registration will be as follows: ''.

Click the link 'Start to Use Tools' and then look for the link 'Create a Site' (middle top), then fall into the 'Workshop'. Before us is a field divided into two part (not counting the 'top'), left We can see different 'templates' for our future and the right panel of our website. To begin, we choose a template, there are different themes: 'my house', 'my business', 'communication'. We will choose the 'my business' and subsection 'Business Page', then select 'version of the template' – such as 'refined' – Click 'Next'! Before us there is a form to fill out, where we can insert the information about our company, ie 'Name' field 'text' can fill 'Sphere of activity' and 'other services'. Thus, there is the possibility to upload a logo company for the next site, then we can enter contact information ie address, telephone and other communication methods. All – ready, click 'Finish'! Turned Page unpretentious form '' but to call it a complete website to add a couple more chips: go to the shop our site and add a 'price list', so it also can be downloaded in the format of Exel. Done? – Well, congratulations to you – is not all that difficult to make your website! However, our site is still not as functional as we'd like, let's add to it 'guest book', this is again due to 'shop' – a guest book, we can maintain communication and respond to various questions to our customers. What else can you do with the site? Much more! First of all let us show you the right part in our workshop that we see there? Consider: Statistics – is to face a number of people have visited our website.

Managing Files and HTML-editor – professional editing of the site. Upload files to the site – speaks for itself. Access to files on ftp – more convenient way to manage the site. Indexing in search engines – a way of promotion of your site, it is a form of advertising. An example of a simple site: If you want to further explore the creation of sites that are very recommend the best free tutorial on HTML: 'First Steps'