Mother, that I must make to be homaged in the FANTASTIC one, as a myth, an example to the followed being? – Son, if was in my time, you would have that to be a good citizen, to take off good notes in the college, to have done some social work, a charity. But today, if you to always appear drunk, cambaleando, are of the reality, with the distant look, to use one daily coquetel of drugs and to die of overdose, with certainty will have prominence during some days in all the periodicals, people will be infuriated and cry your death and will at night have a great homage in the FANTASTIC sunday. Please, my friends, we go to take care of so that this is not the dialogue who we will have with our children, does not go to be ' ' endeusando' ' the bad examples, we go to direct them for psychologists or psychiatrists instead of aplaudiz them in shows.