Fundraiser: 15,000 Euros CONET Supports Five Aid And Funding Projects

Handing over the donation in the corporate headquarters of Hennefer Hennef, 22 October 2013. With the aim to recognize social commitment in his home region, and specifically to support selected projects, named the Hennefer IT-system – and consulting company CONET today the winners of the CONET donations competition. From the applications, the jury existing from all levels of successfully selected five recipients of donations this year. «The 2013 CONET donations contest winners: Kapoor to Africa / Mission District Hennef 5.000,-euro as the main sponsor of action Kapoor to Africa», where the Henneferin Barbara Kapoor bicycle from Hennef Africa travels. The donation is equivalent to 500 km of travel, because for every kilometre travelled 10 euro at the Mission District Hennef to finance an orphanage in the Congo.

Initiative torus Bonn / Hennef 2.500,-euro for the creation of a guide and other materials to support and counsel by parents of seriously ill children Association of urban «Children daycare center in the Spichelsfeld» e.V. Sankt Augustin 2.500,-euros to finance a research vehicle to the science education of children Franziskusschule Neunkirchen-Seelscheid 2.500,-euros for the project students bakery «to finance a wood oven in the curative education Walsall village funding school animal ambassadors e.V. Siegburg 2.500,-euro to assist in preventing and dealing with domestic violence through the pre-accession of children from the apparently still high demand for additional support for the associations and initiatives deprived families of native animals and nature as well as the awareness that we have a social responsibility as a company, have confirmed us in our decision to write the traditional donation competition this year», explains Rudiger Zeyen, President and CEO of the CONET technologies AG. As in every year was the selection of recipients of donations also 2013 of a new composite panel of five employees of the Company. Through such a team decision, very different perspectives come to fruition, because various facets of social promotion are particularly important for each employee.» About the CONET group success.

Our passion.» CONET belongs to the top 20 of the German IT-system and consulting firms as a hybrid and IT service providers. The medium-sized distinct group under the umbrella of the company holding CONET technologies AG successfully provides consulting, IT solutions, software development and IT – personnel services since 1987. Well-known companies and organizations from the private sector, public sector, as well as the areas of Defense and public security, trust the experts of the CONET group. CONET provides its services and bundles its technical expertise in the four major subsidiaries CONET solutions, CONET business consultants, QUEST and CONET services. In addition, more service and subsidiaries provide specialized services for individual customer requirements. With approximately 400 employees at 13 locations in The CONET group for the current financial year expects sales of more than EUR 100 million of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece and Hungary.