Spanish Language

Spain – the country of bullfighting, magnificent beaches, picturesque landscape with a pleasant mild climate. This is a paradise planet, where at any time of year you can feel comfortable. Golden beaches on the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful islands, the best ski resort in the Sierra Nevada. A huge number of parks, nature reserves spread out in Spain. There are no harsh winters, but the African heat, too, is not happens. Sun pleases residents and visitors of Spain about 300 days a year, and in the Mediterranean resorts and even more – about 350 days, all four seasons. Here the beach season starts in June and ends in October, while ski resort is open all twelve months of the year. Spanish capital – the city of Madrid, the head of state is King.

A population of more than 38 million people. Official language – Spanish, or rather its Castilian variant. Spanish language belongs to the Romance, it is spoken by most inhabitants of the country, as well as the Catalans, Basques and Galicians. Second official language of Spain – Catalonia. He also belongs to Romance languages, but more to do with the French language. Spanish is spoken not only in Spain itself, but also Central America, Mexico and South America (except Havana, Brazil, Suriname). State status Spanish is in Equatorial Guinea, it communicate U.S. residents, the Philippines. Nearly 400 million people worldwide speak Spanish. In Spain itself does not speak Spanish only, but use it dialects.