HoREX With A Positive Balance For The Year Of Cooperatives

Care professional community 2012 continue stops the audiologist community HoREX on course for growth with a very positive balance the international year of cooperatives. The longest-serving welcomed Association of German listening acoustics industry 2012 many new Member companies in their ranks. Currently listening acoustic nationwide over 420 shops belonging to the community. Nations, welcomed the important contribution that cooperatives in many countries of the world to the economic and social development make the United with the international year of cooperatives. In Germany, many cooperatives, associations as well as representatives from politics and public life supported the global action. The HoREX participated as an official partner of the campaign year with own activities.

Together for the common benefit. We have filled this principle of our community 2012 more than ever with life», so Tannassia Raghavan, an Executive Member of the Board of HoREX. And we took the UN year varied for the occasion, to show the public what power in the cooperative idea is. A highlight of our activities was, for example, the joint hearing test fundraiser on the international day of cooperatives. And a mile stone in the history of our EC was the completion of our new headquarters in Kreuztal.» The HoREX hearing acoustics EC (then HorRex) was founded 17 years ago by a small group of dedicated hearing care professional. They had decided their ideas, to put their expertise and their commitment to a common scale.

They wanted to grow in and with the community, to be prepared for an ever-harder competition. And they wanted to keep their individuality and the own claim on the quality of their work. At the same time, this commitment to the community was the beginning of a success story which continues unabated. Today, the HoREX offers not only a comprehensive small to medium-sized listening acoustic companies Support in all business areas. It is also a lively platform of like-minded. Where blind profit maximization, placing the promotion of Member interests. You not least engaged in social issues, for example, for hearing impaired children in poor countries, as well as in the field of education and training. And the community is experiencing a steadily increasing demand. 2012 Alone, the HoREX was able to welcome more than 40 new Member companies. With over 420 stores in the whole country we belong to the biggest providers on the German market of hearing-Acoustics», so Tannassia Finally, Reuber. But not only our healthy and continuous growth proves what enormous potential of the legal form of an EC held live. In a time where many companies rely exclusively on maximizing their returns on capital, we see us even more the idea of cooperative committed to the responsibility to our members, as well as to diverse social concerns.» Learn more about the UN international year of cooperatives, see. Interested parties on find the HoREX listen experts in your area. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 420 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. For more information, see

New HACCP Rules For Food-producing Companies

Failure to threaten penalties. Munich (12 January 2010). January 1, 2010, a new approval is entered into force for certain food-producing companies. Since the beginning of the year, the companies must present a pest control – and monitoring plan according to the HACCP standard. Failure to threaten penalties. Pest controller with HACCP experience in the use of the new EU regulation is valid for companies that emit more than a third of its production to no end user or transport the products over 100 kilometers.

These farms had to be approved at least temporarily – by the competent authority already no later than December 31, 2009 -. Otherwise, an official closure or reductions of production, one-third of the tax to the final consumer threatened them. This restriction would mean the economic from for many businesses. As a rescuer in an emergency were professional pest controller such as the ACE for many of the food-producing enterprises Pest control GmbH from Munich (www.ass-schaedlingsbekaempfung.de). In particular, the experience with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) is a consulting and services of the companies of importance. It is still important to the implementation of the HACCP concept agreed between the pest control company and supervised operation, which must be implemented and regularly updated.

The implementation of the concept include pest and rodent prevention as well as the note and the combating of harmful rodents, insects and cockroaches indoors. Two birds with one stone: industrial hygiene and pest control by the EU regulation is laid down for the operations, inter alia, that the contamination will be largely prevented by animals and pests and prevents as optimally as possible. The industrial hygiene will be preserved and prevented the pest control through structural measures. Often there are a lebensfreundlichen walls, ceilings, as well as supply and disposal pipes, the pests Provide shelter. Through an early involvement of pest control companies in the industrial hygiene these can provide a sufficient industrial hygiene from the outset. About ACE pest control GmbH of the ACE Schadlingsbekampfungs-und Service GmbH was founded in 1994 in Munich by Siegfried Vogt. The aim was to present ecological and biological pest control without poison as an alternative to combating chemical, traditional in the market. This approach protects the environment and exclude at the same time health problems. «As one of the pioneers of chemical-free pest control, Siegfried Vogt 1988 showed that praparative long-lasting intervention» against pests of all kinds often unnecessary and usually for the inhabitants have catastrophic effects. The ACE specializes in building management (facility management, commercial) pest control from Munich. Primary aim is, that existing pests quickly repaid through meaningful, ecologically correct measures and new infestation persistently and effectively prevented through appropriate interventions and regular monitoring. Renewed attacks from stronger and its unpleasant consequences for tenants and residents can be ruled out by a regular care. Contact: All-round ASS pest concerning + service GmbH Elisabeth-Selbert-str. 6 80939 Munich phone: 089 31699406 fax: 089-31699407