European Bags

It raises 2.98% and it reaches the 8,202, 7 points. The European Bags also abren with raised forts. Wednesday fell a 5.49%, marking their worse day from May of 2010. Wall s$street closed the previous day with strong losses. The Madrilenian park has abierto the session with an ascent of 2.98%, that has located to the Ibex-35 in the level of the 8,202, 7 points to the 9,02 hours, after the main markets of Europe sank Wednesday more of a 5% dragged by the banks before the rumors of a reduction of the qualification of the French debt and the collapse of Wall s$street in the previous day. Thus the main Spanish indicator of stock-market, the bex-35, began the session with an ascent of 2.98% and recovered points, lost Wednesday in the worse day from May of 2010, in that the General Index of stock-market of Madrid was left 5.49% recovered 2.55%, and reached the 826.95 points.

T odos the great values of the market raised over 2% in these first minutes of session, headed by Repsol YPF, with a rise of 3.55%, while Santander raised 2.73%, Iberdrola, 2.39%, the BBVA, Telephone 2.37% and, 2.25%. The European Bags to the rise the European markets lived Wednesday their nth day on chaos, this time caused by the fear to that France had problems to reduce its deficit and was about seeing reduced its credit qualification, a panic that not even yielded after forcefully being denied this possibility. The four great European stock-exchange places, that they lost jointly more of 5% in the previous day, also began the day with strong bounces, that made raise the DAX of Frankfurt 3.06%, to the MILLRACE of Paris 2.96%, to the FTSE of Milan 2.20% and to the London FTSE 2%. Source of the news: The Ibex-35 abre with gains after the collapse in the European Bags