The Human Capital

Guaranteeing a bigger enrollment for this process and catching in the work market the necessary talentos the optimum development and ties the improvement of the activities related negotiates to it of the company. METHODOLOGY the methodology used here is the bibliographical research, where we deepen more in the conscription techniques and election, knowing a little more than this substructure of human resources, that reflects in the market a great impact, interacting with this through the vacant in opened in the organization. CONCLUSION Demonstrated the concepts above we can conclude that the conscription and election, when used of dynamic and adaptable form, if it becomes a tool of captation of talentos that will contribute very in for the growth and the improvement of the organization. To mount a professional profile in accordance with the area where the vacant this in open, to know of gerndia form the function and its specifications, to divulge the vacant in accordance with established and a good filter in the election of people is the main tool that the R& S the organization has in its hands to catch in the work market the adequate professional. It is also, very important that the professional if identifies with the values and the culture of the organization, in order to make familiar itself better to the objectives, the culture and the organizacional climate; When the selecting is worried about this point importantissimo even for the retention of talentos, turn to ouver if it minimizes, preventing unnecessary costs.