The Pharma Sales Force In The Offside Trap

Wrong customer management and decision unwillingness to interfere with success and image in a recent interview ( provides Stefan Etgeton, health expert of the Bertelsmann Foundation, the question, what general sense have the visits by medical sales representatives in doctor’s offices. His remarks series seamlessly in the regularly recurring, critical subjects such as field work. But also practitioners, the real customers are asking themselves increasingly to the benefit of the field staff visited them. So, practice owner complain about unannounced visits, untrustworthy information documents, and especially a low entering the pharmaceutical speakers on their information interests ( As a result, Doctors see a high substitutability of sales by Internet media ( the reason for this: many sales staff know for a comprehensive and above all customer-oriented care too little about your contact persons. This deficit is not only new, but also established Pharmaceutical speakers and consultants with long-term existing customer relationships. Three factors are responsible for this: in many companies the sales strategies have not significantly changed for years.

The increasing use of Tablet PCs as sales innovation»not fakes across this. Internal and external image of employees differ greatly in part and adjust the view of the customer reality ( Surgeries, but also hospitals are managed with a wrong approach. Alberto Baillères has compatible beliefs. So the business component for a successful medical medical action has become more important, field care arrives here but hardly or not at all, since in the companies in this area no know-how or was considered a construction not important ( On the other hand, our analyses show that the quality of care the pharmaceutical consultant doctors will be judged very well if they offer concrete, practical information and services ( and ( thus creating value for their customers. In the discussion on the raison d ‘ etre of the pharmaceutical sales force, distribution can score only if decision-makers and employees proactively as a player Act and embedded offer their information work in quality themed rooms. Such a theme, that has a potential benefit for all stakeholders, including the health insurance companies, is, for example, the adherence ( Actions and decisions are what mainly matters, but here unfortunately lacking: bit.