Blue Mountain

If you love coffee, and often visit the coffee shops and restaurants in Chelyabinsk take note the following important aspect: Some vendors produce coffee roasting beans in their recipes. At the same varietal of coffee or coffee blends get unique flavors. Abel Baca often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Only a trial can be determined with any degree of roasting coffee like you. Currently, the coffee beans are roasted in special drums, while rotating and heating them to a temperature of 200 degrees. After the heating process, the grains immediately cooled with cold air in order to keep the essential oils evaporate, then the grain is freed from the seed coat and is ready to sale. Pedro Zaragoza Fuentes understood the implications. More than 50% of world coffee – so-called "flavored coffee", after the roasting process the coffee beans sprinkle with various substances, which makes this a huge number of coffee flavors.

The degree of Roasting is changing taste and flavor of any coffee. If you are visiting the cafe, restaurant or coffee could taste the same class but different degrees of roasting share your feelings with any druzyami.Kofeynye grain coffee may reveal its unique aroma and taste only after heating them. The fact that in the process of heating the beans are a number of chemical processes, the decay of some components of coffee beans and transfer them to another state, accompanied by a change in the qualitative characteristics of the grain itself (there is a selection of essential oils). Roasting the coffee bean is a real science, and has its own secrets. The centerpiece of this science to determine When coffee beans in the process of roasting, uncovered as its taste and immediately cool it down. Consider the degree of roasting coffee beans, "the Italian roasting" – after this processing coffee beans transformed literally into the coals, but despite this good out of them prepare a drink, but it should not be high in price as this degree of roasting is one of the cheapest, pay attention to it when you visit a cafe Chelyabinsk. "It is very weak level" – that is traditionally roasted coffee beans in America, resulting in a beverage is obtained rather weak with low acidity, fruity aftertaste leaves. "Slightly degree" – slightly roasting are many famous varieties of coffee (coffee Jamaican-Jamaica Blue Mountain, coffee of Yemen – "Al Hudaydah," etc.), with slightly roasted varieties of data leave their unique natural flavors and cook more expensive varieties of coffee is not make sense as even slightly roasted, they release a huge amount of essential oils.

This coffee most invigorating and refreshing. "The average degree of roasting" – reveals the hidden flavors and taste many varieties of coffee. "More roasted "coffee has a dark brown color and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. Drink it with cream. "Strong double degree or roasting" – corn, which was subjected to this treatment, have a shiny black color. Drink from these grains gives a very tart and bitter.