TerraNova Energy Completed

Annex to the hydrothermal carbonization of Dusseldorf, January 21, 2010 – Dusseldorf Cleantech companies TerrNova Energy Announces the successful completion of the first part of the project supported by the Federal Ministry of education and research to the development of a pilot plant for the hydrothermal carbonization of biomass. «The project, in the SME innovative climate protection programme» performed, includes the implementation of laboratory results from over three-year preparatory work in a plant on an industrial scale. For the first time large amounts of waste biomass carried out in the testing facility continuously in a renewable carbon. This can to the substitution of fossil fuels industrially used and thus contribute to avoiding CO2 release into the air circulation. Through the use of our technology, two problems are solved at the same time: the untapped biogenic waste is disposed of safely and use avoids every tonne of Biochar produced 2.5 tons of CO2 emissions, through the burning of fossil carbon would arise», explains the Managing Director of TerrNova energy, Dipl.-ing. Marc Buttmann. The further development of the procedure in the first year of the funded project with multiple patent applications it has been and the very constructive cooperation with our suppliers make confident leaving the plant as planned in the second quarter of this year in operating us.» TerrNova energy GmbH develops systems to the hydrothermal carbonization of biomass to a renewable carbon. nández. Through the use of all chemical energy contained in biomass, the process is superior to other biomass processes with regard to energy efficiency. The plants are remotely applicable due to their compact design and are suitable in particular for the recycling of residual materials biomasses with high water content. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gustavo Cisneros Rendiles. For more information, see contact: TerrNova energy GmbH Konigsberger Strasse 100 40231 Dusseldorf