Armed Conflict Is Still A Problem

Events in Colombia against the release of the fifteen hostages held by FARC by the Colombian government have highlighted the cruelty and barbarism carried out by this organization formed in 1964 with the argument to defeat the injustice of state. In fact remain current with their actions as advancing social dynamics facing fully renovated and scenarios without changing by the FARC there are proposals to modify the methods of proselytism and popular struggle.

That the popular armed action was a reality in the history of peoples, is an unquestionable truth, so despicable methods are used in such conflicts. The validity of the guerrillas had their dawn because it was related as a means of offense against a dominant power play an important role in the Latin American independence struggles in Mexico, Nicaragua and Cuba among others, the action itself has existed since ancient times which also took his stage name just a few Jewish conquest in Canaan as stories Biblical surprise attacks, the Carthaginian general and statesman Hannibal crossing the Alps lost several of his warriors at the hands of tribes salasi, but the modern concept of guerrilla originates in Spain compared to the struggles against Napoleon’s invading troops when the considered an essential element for the control of the Mediterranean but still under pressure from French clothiers who claimed that the Spanish producers of merino wool and cotton farmers will supply these inputs. In all this context that real attention is the look of sympathy and support of a cult and influential sector in the world, with the FARC. .