First German IBS Pharma Installation In The Real Operating

First German IBS Pharma-installation in the real operating of pharmaceutical wholesaler Leopold Fiebig makes his industry-typical strongly individualized processes in the field of financial accounting since October 1, 2009 fully integrated with IBS Pharma included IBS module to create monthly invoice system allows flexible customized billing Hamburg, November 2009. The industry solution for the pharmaceutical wholesale trade IBS Pharma international business systems (IBS), a global provider of software and related services for wholesale and distribution, has been adopted on October 1, 2009, for the first time for a German user companies in real operation. So has replaced with the Leopold Fiebig GmbH & co. KG, Rheinstetten, a renowned pharmaceutical wholesaler his previously used finance in-house development and continues according to plan in the future on a future-proof standard software that covers all specific requirements of industry and seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape is embedded. IBS Pharma Fiebig and his 85 employees now specifically, allows integrated to depict the highly individualized processes in the field of financial accounting. Among other things they include monthly automated to create invoice for the daily recommended pharmacies, among whose industry-typical feature individually distinct terms and conditions and billing models. Fany has opted for the hosting service that is offered as an alternative to the traditional licensing model of IBS and reaches its finance data in the IBS data center remotely. We have killed after a whole series of successful test runs the lever and are now since October 1, 2009 with IBS Pharma in live mode \», FIEBIG, Managing Director Klaus Gorke reports. Our pharmacies have received already in early November for the first time their created collective invoices with IBS Pharma represent as it were the heart of our processes in the customer area and require a high degree of flexibility with regard to the pricing. As expected has also It is running smoothly.